Unless He has all of me He has none of me… close and closer still.

It’s been a year since God first stirred my heart about being a New Creation, the old passing away… 2022 was a year to let go, to shed, to cry more tears than I thought were possible.

January has a romantic way of wooing us into what could be. Without a rigid work schedule, time commitments and washing socks, the days become more simple, filled with friends and reflection. It’s in this first date phase of a new year that we become sure that indeed, this will be ‘the one.’ Continue reading

The difference between isolation and solitude

Palm Beach

There is a big difference between isolation and solitude.

Without the time to stop and doing a stocktake of our thoughts, sneaky lies have the habit of taking up residence in our thought lounge. These same lies dissipate when we come face to face with our Creator.

Time alone with Him will have you slowing down, being more aware of priorities, and instead of reaching for familiar and easy vices you’ll reach more for Him.

Deep down we crave the stillness. Continue reading