Spirit Led Boots

bootsIs God is interested in the everyday ordinary details of our lives? I am continuing to ponder this question…

About six months ago I was in the middle of a rather lengthy pursuit to find the perfect pair of leather boots. At the height of my chase I had driven an hour and a half to the only store within a 100km radius that had ‘the ultimate pair’ still in my size. They looked perfect but as I tried them on I quickly realised that they hardly fit, even without a sock.  Continue reading

Fear that leads…

person mountain snow
Image by Ezra Davies Photography

Regardless of how long I have been leading worship I still find myself constantly wondering if I am cut out for the task. My hurdle of late has been fear. Fear about saying the wrong thing, saying too much, saying too little, fear in general that I am missing the mark and potentially affecting someone experience of God.  Continue reading