What is Art?

What is Art?

She looked up at the painting, brows furrowed with disbelief making it clear she didn’t agree with my admiration for the piece hanging on the wall.

“That’s not art!”

She was only five but already our world had begun to shape her perception of what was worthy to be deemed ‘art’ : an image that reflected perfection and accuracy.

This was the first time her perception had been challenged. Continue reading

The school of creativity


While there is a number of things that have been less than ideal as we’ve homeschooled one of the things I’m most grateful for is the time we’ve had for creative projects.

I’m the best version of myself as I become the facilitator of creativity. The frazzled mum fades as the house fills with pots of paint, drying racks, paintbrushes stacked in the kitchen sink and the addition of the accidental but inescapable splodge of paint on the furniture. Somehow those details seem unimportant, as does time, as we become engulfed in the wonder of creativity.

I’m a primary teacher, homeschooling my children should be easy… But I’m also their mother and many lines are blurred when it comes to living, working and schooling in a small two-bedroom apartment. Continue reading

Embrace the season of unseen

Embrace the moments

The word ‘unseen’ was the one I chose to frame 2020. A year to write, to develop confidence in the shadows, a year to dig deeper into a life of faith.

In March, this word ‘unseen’ took on an entirely different meaning for us all. I’d never have guessed that this is what ‘unseen’ could look like. 

Despite feeling a little stuck in our unit at times, over the last weeks, I’ve done my best to continue to attune my eyes to the things that matter. As we switch off the external, highly visible things (eg social media, news) our attention is naturally drawn toward that which is hidden under the surface, more of the spiritual realm, the eternal.

Faith: the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.  

To the best of my ability, I am choosing to shape this time by a focus on intimacy, honesty and growth. Continue reading

Creativity Begets Creativity

Choc Hazelnut Spread carlysrecipe.com

Last October I had an idea to start this blog. Up until this point point I had known nothing about blogs was extremely technically challenged. I Googled everything and asked heaps of questions that totally revealed that I was a rookie. As I engaged in the creative process, learnt new things and put them into practice; I began to see what I had envisaged come to life and I was totally inspired. Continue reading