Daughter Wait

On page five and crying already. So thankful to have received this book as a gift! And I’m so thankful it was written.


Reading “Daughter Wait!” feels like snuggling in for an honest heart to heart with a trusted friend and mentor.

-Olivia Thorpe

Finished it in one night. Couldn’t put it down!


My perspective has been changed and I love that!  This book is a game-changer for all young women. A must-read. I received my copy on Tuesday night and couldn’t put it down. What a blessing. 


Thank you for your honesty and openness, I have no doubt others will be encouraged and blessed.


Carly Riordan Author

I finished Daughter Wait two days ago (I haven’t finished many books in my life before) it was such a great read. I felt ministered to so many times. May have cried and said “awww that’s sooo cute!” like way too many times.


This book is exactly what I needed. God is so kind. Thank you Carly for sharing your life in such a raw honest way. you got some serious writing skills.


Girls, you need to get this book! Absolutely loving Daughter Wait! Oozes wisdom and grace.


Every page is filled with God-breathed wisdom and revelation moments and leaves you with such a sense of wonder at the beauty of real love and authenticity in relationships; the relationships we have with other people and more importantly the wonderful all-embracing love of Jesus.

What a beautiful, vulnerable, heartbreaking and ultimately triumphant book! Carly approaches the subject of dating and relationships with such grace, humility and power.


Carly Riordan Daughter Wait

I just started reading the hard copy on Monday and honestly struggled to put it down again. Ended up giving it to a friend yesterday for her birthday – because every gal needs it!  Such necessary truth for our generation.

I was entertaining the idea of being with a guy I wasn’t compatible with which happened to be when Carly sent me the drafts of her book. It really changed the game for me. I think it was the kindness of God slipping that draft to me when He did and I’m still so impacted by Carly’s honesty and insight. I’ve found joy in my singleness and valued it so much more since I’ve read her story.

-Name withheld

Hey Carly, this is so overdue but just wanted to say a huge thank you for writing Daughter Wait! ???????? I absolutely loved it and it has been a real game-changer for me ???? Thank you for sharing your experiences, the good and the challenging, and for providing such great advice for young ladies. ⠀

I have been praying to meet my “someone” for a while now, despite only being 21. It’s something that I’ve really struggled with, having never been in a relationship before. ⠀

Before reading your book, I was feeling so discouraged and was wondering if I’d ever meet someone who was actually interested in me. I was also so tired of being told: “when you stop looking, it’ll come”. I am not the kind of person to wander around without an action plan or a goal ????⠀

Your advice has really helped to change my mindset for the better ???????? I can’t thank you enough for creating such a great resource for young women ???? thank you so much

Carly has so beautifully shared her personal testimony and written it in a way that you feel like you have just had a fun coffee date with her.

Carly talks about her love for Christ and how He prepared her for Marriage, shared her story in meeting her Husband, following and listening to God’s will over her life, the Holy Spirit guiding her with setting up boundaries in relationships, healing of past wounds and being trusted with a God-given relationship.

As a young Christian woman, this book taught me a lot, changed my opinion about Christian dating and early marriage, Carly’s story is very relatable and I am very glad I read this book!
I have underlined, highlighted, circled, scribbled, tagged and put sticky notes all through the book and I’m sure there will be more underlines and tags when I read it for a second and third time!

I would recommend you to read Daughter Wait, what are you waiting for!

-Anna Sherre

Christian Dating

I am 23 years old and this book has been a God-send at this season of my life. Carly, thank you so so much for sharing your life with all the ups and downs through this book. It has really been such an eye-opener in so many ways and a true blessing to my life. It has brought me closer to Jesus and I feel like so many young women need guidance and need to hear the truth about how God intended relationships to be like especially seeing how many relationships are so easily breaking these days. 

I also have been hurt multiple times in the past, been in and out of toxic relationships just cause of reckless choices and yeah this book as only helped me and brought life in those moments of healing and waiting and wondering. I am 23 chapters in (almost close to finishing) and this is something I would read and reread over and over again. There is so much wisdom and truth being unpacked here, it’s unreal. So THANK YOU and bless you!! ????

P.S. The highlight of the book so far: I’m Indian and we come from a culture of arranged marriages and so I relate to that pretty well. And even though I don’t really get, or rather, I’m not really for that concept in reality, it absolutely BLEW MY MIND when you, Carly, linked it to seeing how God being our Heavenly Father chooses a man, who’s good for His daughter! Made me see this is in a whole new light!

-Uthra Venkatesh

Carly reserves nothing from some of the most intimate moments of her life to help us single ladies, those of us dating and perhaps even engaged, see the joy in ‘waiting’ vs the struggle of settling for someone because we’ve ‘waited’ long enough. Though I haven’t been through everything she shares in ‘Daughter Wait’, I could relate to all of it and was constantly reminded of who I am, finding myself crying, laughing, being challenged in the best way, reading words I didn’t think I needed to hear and seeing the kindness of our Heavenly Father articulated through every page.

-Malia Anitele’a

I am so grateful to have encountered ‘Daughter wait!’, it really spoke to my heart. Carly’s story is inspiring and has given me fresh insight into God’s perspective when you’re in the season of waiting on God for a partner and believing in his plan. Carly is a gifted writer and I’m thankful she’s shared her experience and know that her beautiful words of faith will be a blessing to many more women.


Carly writes with such honesty and passion for life that I found her story a compelling read. Carly’s journey is inspiring and reflects her love for God, and God’s surpassing love for her. He is fashioning a life that displays His grace and faithfulness, and a testimony that will bless and encourage many young women.


Christian Dating Book


Carly’s book ‘Daughter Wait’ was one of the most beautiful, intimate, encouraging yet also challenging books I have read. It spoke of so many moments that I could relate to during my early years of ‘dating’, while also leaving me in awe of her journey with God along the way. This book is one I wish my 18 year old self could have read, yet speaks so much wisdom that I believe is not too late to apply to my own married life now. Definitely a keeper for my own daughter to read.

-Libby Hancock

Daughter Wait was an incredible read! Carly’s conversational tone allows the reader to instantly connect with her vulnerability. Not only has she communicated her story in a powerful way, she has practically helped me to see concepts relating to God from a whole new perspective. It came at the perfect time for me and I hope it does for you too.


Once you start the book, you literally cannot stop reading it until the very last page.
Carly has written a beautiful reflection on her journey thus far and the struggles that we all may face along the way.

As I read through some bits I couldn’t help but laugh as it mirrored some of the very things I have experienced in my own journey; I’m sure you’ll see some parts of your own relationship journey(s) through this book.

It is wonderful to see a book which demonstrates the reality of life – and shows that all of us are not perfect no matter what you may perceive of someone.
Congratulations Carly on such a poignant and timely book and I can’t wait to share this with those in my world and my own children one day.


One phrase comes to mind as I came to the end of this book with tears in my eyes “A Beautiful Love Story”…

The first half of this book shows us the love story between Carly and Jesus. As Carly tells us with such openness of how she lost her way with incredible lows and heartaches for such a young girl to go through and God lovingly pursues her and gently pulls her out of her mess and we see her relationship with God restored. In these pages, it really helped me face some of the hinderances In my life and put my focus on developing my relationship with God.

As for the second half of this book, the beautiful love story between her and Joe was exciting to read. A reminder that God does write beautiful love stories, He does bring the right person to us as we go about His will. God can do exceedingly abundantly more then we could ask or think. He did it for me, He did it for Carly, He can do it for you and He can do it for my daughter. I’m blessed this book will be around for my daughter. I also want to get this book to every single girl I know to show them God has a plan, He can write their love story… Never take second best… Daughter Wait ????

Thanks Carly xx

-Kate O’Keffe

Daughter Wait Carly

A few months ago when I still live on the Gold Coast my friend Hannah invited me to Carly’s book launch. She told me her friend had recently written a book and Initially, I had no expectations and agreed to go along to support my friend supporting her friend. Having never been to a book launch before I had no expectations and purchased the book purely to support my friend.

They say everything happens for a reason and although I felt like an outsider among a close circle I’m so glad I agreed to step out of my comfort zone and attend this launch. Carly read out a chapter of her book and when she read it I felt as though I was alone with no one around and every word touched me. In that moment with whatever I was going through that chapter made me shed a tear and hit home so hard. I had to pre-order this book.

I have been waiting ever since to receive it in the mail and I just got it yesterday. It was so much greater and gave me so much more than I expected. I finished it already I couldn’t put it down and I recommend women out there, young, old, single or in a relationship to read this book! I will post the link in the comment.

“Daughter wait!” has changed my perspective on so many things and I’m so thankful Carly has made herself vulnerable to share her experiences.

Also, thank you, Hannah, for recommending it to me, you knew exactly the positive outcomes this book would have for me and what I needed at the time

“One day in your house is better than one thousand days in the world.” ♥️


Carly Riordan, has bled her heart onto the pages of this book to form one the most honest, humbling, heartfelt memoirs you are ever likely to read.

Carly makes herself so vulnerable throughout the book. There are no characters to create and mould, because Carly has merely told her own story, just as it is, warts and all, in a beautiful conversational style. Carly talks to us. Carly pleads with us. She pleads with us to wait.

I. Could. Not. Put. The. Book. Down! … Seriously.

Carly made me think about my own choices which I have made throughout life without a second thought as to what God may want of me.

Carly made me see that as a young woman, feeling like she may be ‘left on the shelf’ so to speak, I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

Throughout her book, Carly gently reminds us that no matter what we have thought, said or done in our past life, God through His gracious and glorious love, will always take the best care of our future … if we allow Him to.

Daughter Wait is a wakeup call for all His daughters young, old, and in-between to trust Him, wait, and trust some more that He will lead us in the direction that is best for us.

In this day of so-called ‘sexual freedom’, and even looking back on the days of ‘free love’ during the 1960s and 70s, it is all too easy to be led astray. In this modern age, we may be bound to think that we have no need to listen, and definitely no need to wait, right?

I would love for every daughter to be able to read this insightful book, to realise that this assumption is so wrong. I would also love for every son of the Father to have the opportunity to read this book so that they may gain an understanding and appreciation of how precious His daughters truly are.

If I could give this book six stars, I wouldn’t hesitate!

-Josephine-Anne Griffiths

This book is beauty personified. It encapsulates Gods promises to me and encouraged me to seek Him first and wait before taking my next.

-Hannah Horne

Reading Daughter Wait allowed me to think of the possibilities of a healthy, secure and happy marriage when I put God first. I feel more free and liberated to be able to live a fulfilling and meaningful life with Jesus, even before a man comes into the picture

-Bonnie Damianopoulos

Carly Riordan vulnerably tells her story in Daughter Wait with eloquence and revelation. This page-turning book is concise and a must-have for all teenagers and young women navigating single or pre-marriage life. This author will help girls and women find freedom and work their way out of the maze of confusion around the culture of relationships in our world today.

-Michelle Evans

Halfway through and loved it already ❤️❤️
It’s such an amazing book and very brave Carly. Sending much love from BALI ???? 

-Aristhia Dewi

I have loved every part of the book it’s amazing. As I began reading the book I almost felt like you had spoken to me and shared some of my story. The book is helping me a lot as a slightly older (lol) single woman. When I was married I wasn’t a Christian. Your book is definitely helping me on how to navigate the next season of my life while I wait for God to bring me a Godly man, the one He has chosen for me. Thank you Carly

-Renee Harrison

Dear Carly,

Thank You for this wonderful gift of the book you have written. The honesty, vulnerability and courage you have shown is highly appreciated. I stopped a bunch of times to have conversations with God about what I was reading. The guidance you have given me through this book is precious, just precious!. 

I shed several tears while reading “Daughter Wait!” and even paused to write poetry in between. I had to blink away so many tears as the pages kept blurring out due to my tears.

Your vulnerability with your emotions and feelings helped me realise that I was not the only one who had such feelings and also to understand what to do with those feelings. I highlighted several sentences and hope to share this book with as many young women as possible. 

Once again, you have my gratitude and a prayer. 




Daughter Wait Book

Daughter Wait! is an invitation to consider a different approach to dating and relationships. If you have ever wondered:

How do I have a Godly relationship?
How do I know if he is the one?
What are realistic boundaries in a Christian relationship?
How do I move on from a broken heart?

Then this book is for you.

Written in Carly’s unique conversational style, you’ll cry, laugh and cheer as you follow her story of love and loss. Daughter Wait is a timeless reminder that regardless of your past, God has the best for your future.


Daughter Wait