Sin too deep for forgiveness…

how to feel forgiven

The shame, guilt and horror of what I’d done were so deep that I couldn’t deal with being present in my own life. I just watched it from a distance. I wasn’t me. At times, truckloads of emotions boiled up, and I exploded in uncontrollable crying, screaming and shouting. The outbursts lasted for hours. I was an intelligent and capable young woman yet the way I was living was incongruent with what my heart knew to be true, and it caused extreme conflict within. Continue reading

Should you have a list or not?

write a list for guy

It’s a common question when you’re single. Your list, not unlike a list for Santa, is a list of requirements Mr Right needs to embody to be considered potentially date-worthy.

Writing a list felt daunting… a little too absolute for my liking. I didn’t want to be specific nor did I want to be too open. I didn’t really know what I wanted. The last guy I dated had ticked all my boxes yet the outcome of our relationship couldn’t have been further from what I’d envisaged. Continue reading