A well worn path- A meander through Romans 12:2

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‘Every system left to its own devices always tends to move from order to disorder.’ -The Second Law of Thermodynamics If we are not transformed by the renewing of our mind then we will be conformed to this world.

When we ‘present’ ourselves (v1), remembering that in Jesus we are Holy, we get to exchange our ideals, the struggle of our sin nature, our strength- that is never enough for all of who He is- more than enough.

There are times when I run to the foot of the cross to present myself, eager to be close, while other times I dawdle. The path seems long and drawn out as I drag my feet (and my junk) knowing that I will feel better once I am there.

If you have experienced one of these ‘exchanges’ you may remember a feeling of lightness, freedom, as though the sun had come out on a cloudy day and now all would be well in the world. Then all too quickly life happens and often we can find ourselves once again facing the same struggle, the same problem, having lost perspective or hope or just lost.

What’s happened? Our humanity has simply been left to its own devices and begun to conform; we adopt attitudes, pick up doubts, begin to cultivate pride, the list goes on.

Left to our own devices we naturally follow the path to conform. This path is set until we instead chose to change path and allow our minds to be transformed, gaining consciousness of the righteousness of Christ and our right standing in Him. We swing at times between the two. The person we are and the person we know God has called us to be.

It agitates me sometimes when I hear people say things like “they are a different person at church than they are in the work place.” (or school, home, on the sports field, etc.)

Yep, aren’t we all?  We are changed and changing still.

There is a pull to conform and a path to transform. Hopefully over time, we spend more time transforming and less time conforming.

We need to give each other grace. We need to give ourselves grace. His grace. Not changing in our own strength but His.

I see the moments when I am demonstrating the most of His character as ‘the real me’ the ‘No longer I but Christ who lives in me me,’ the other times, when I am exhibiting less than desirable behaviour; these are my earthly reminders to create a well worn path to the foot of the cross.

It’s during the challenging times that this path is well worn; no time for weeds to grow. It’s in these times I find myself sneaking off to the bedroom or the bathroom even for just a few seconds to get on my knees and again ask God to change me from the inside out, exchange my humanity for His divinity, my character for His.

I have come to see my shortcomings as a bread trail back to the altar to forgiveness and renewal. Changed but changing still, not in my own strength- no more goals and 30 day challenges- just Jesus and more of His life within me each day.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2 NKVJ

So often we can chase ‘His will.’

We wonder what His will is for us, how will we achieve it? How will we know we are on the right path?

The second part of verse 2 eludes to the idea that His will opens up for us as the first part becomes our priority.

We are not chasing a path to our destiny but rather creating a well worn path to the foot of the cross, to Jesus, where all will be revealed in His timing. As we are more and more transformed I believe that we are more in tune with His Holy Spirit and the direction that He wants to take us in (His will), we discern His promptings more clearly. (*See ‘Check the Lex’ below for word studies)

Today, when life gets the better of you, instead of making plans to ‘try harder’ to ‘do better,’ or beating yourself up, why not instead begin to make a well worn path to the foot of the cross.

In Love,

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Check the Lex…

Prove: Greek Strongs 1381 dokimázō δοκιμάζω pronunciation:
 dok-im-ad’-zo:  (from 1384 /dókimos, “approved”) – properly, to try (test) to show something is acceptable (real, approved); put to the test to reveal what is good (genuine). To test (literally or figuratively); by implication, to approve:–allow, discern, examine, (ap-)prove, try.

Will: Greek Strongs 2307 thélēma θέλημα pronunciation
: the-ay-mah: (from 2309 /thélō, “to desire, wish”) – properly, a desire (wish), often referring to God’s “preferred-will,” i.e. His “best-offer” to people which can be accepted or rejected. A determination, active choice or passive inclination (desire, pleasure, will).


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