Your Best Life Now

‘Your best life now.’  This is the phrase that has been finding its ways into my consciousness of late. 

My best life now, right now.

Am I living my best life now? If not why. What am I waiting for? Why am I holding back, holding out? What have I stopped believing God for?… 

I have felt challenged when it comes to my faith. Specifically the substance of my faith. Is faith evident in my life? If so, where is it? What actions is it taking?

Have I diminished God down to what is possible, reasonable and doable in my own strength? Or am I believing for the God opportunities and the whispers that lead to wild adventures and memorable testimonies? 

What have I given up on?… 

Ouch, that one hurts.

Lately, my focus has been more towards the substance of my faith and less about the outcome of my faith. The outcome is up to Him. He is pleased with my steps of faith regardless of the outcome and I am released from striving.

On the contrary, outcome-based faith causes me to shrink back, to only ask for what is ‘appropriate.’ When my spirit is boss I find myself praying for all manner of things, in a childlike way believing God can and will come through.


It’s midway through the year. And if I am honest the words you just read are the words I penned at the beginning of the year. ‘Your best life now,’ was the phrase I chose to frame my 2019. I found these words just the other day waiting patiently in the notes on my phone waiting to be released.

I’d forgotten about them. They were meant for you. To remind you that, perhaps like me, there are dreams in your life you have shelved and it’s time to dust them off, to bring them back to God and trust Him with the details.

Six months into my ‘Best Life Now,’ year I have seen much come to pass. Funnily enough so much of what I outlined were not the big dreams in my heart but rather the small longings of my soul. 2019 so far has been about giving myself permission to gift myself with those small longings.

Also in my notes, this list:

Your best life now:

  1. Singing lessons 
  2. Writing lessons 
  3. Babysitting on Thursday nights 
  4. Swimming 
  5. Yoga 
  6. Running
  7. Meal prep and cooking 
  8. A holiday once per term
  9. Time to write
  10. Good job
  11. Massage or day spa 

My forgotten list made me smile. Even more so as I realised I had ticked off all the (somewhat random) longings, all except yoga (maybe I never really wanted to do that one) and I’m still figuring out where time to write fits in.

More importantly, in the last few weeks instead of ticking off small longings, I’ve been bold enough to dream big dreams and venture out of the boat. It’s a little uncomfortable and vulnerable. But’s not faith if we can do it in our own strength, is it?

These dreams have substance and I am reminded that in the substance God is pleased, the outcome is up to Him.

As I leave you today, I want to check in. Are you living your best life now?

What would your simple list include?

What would the substance of your faith steps look like?

It’s always an honour that people take the time to read my words. So thank you. Know that I am praying for you and believing your best life now will unfold in both the small steps and the big dreams.

With love,

Carly Riordan

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Carly Riordan

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