Spirit Led Boots

bootsIs God is interested in the everyday ordinary details of our lives? I am continuing to ponder this question…

About six months ago I was in the middle of a rather lengthy pursuit to find the perfect pair of leather boots. At the height of my chase I had driven an hour and a half to the only store within a 100km radius that had ‘the ultimate pair’ still in my size. They looked perfect but as I tried them on I quickly realised that they hardly fit, even without a sock. 

But they might stretch right?

But they might not stretch either…

I had visions of them sitting in my closet and me not being able to  bare throwing them out because I had spent so much money.

I needed help.

What should I do?

It was a perfect opportunity to put into practice what I had been pondering about living a more Spirit led life.

I explained to the sales lady that I was just going to have a wander around the shopping centre and think about it. I was going to pray and see if God had anything to say about the boots.

At first I procrastinated a little, wandering aimlessly looking though shop windows.

Although I wanted God to speak to me about the little details in my life I wasn’t sure I was ready to hear what He had to say. Surrender is easier said than done even if it is concerning something as trivial as a new pair of boots.

Hesitantly I asked in my mind…

“Should I buy these boots?”
“Buy the boots, you’ll love them!”

His words were accompanied by a feeling of feeling of joy and I sensed His smile upon me.

He said I would love them!! Not just like them, enjoy them, be able to wear them, but love them!

With confidence I bought the boots and made the journey home. And true to His word, the boots stretched within a day and I do love them.

Ok why do I bother sharing a story about boots?

Although I was experiencing indecision in such trivial area; a new clothing purchase; I like most people also experience feelings of indecision or pressure to make ‘the right decision’ in other areas of my life.

In this small everyday situation I was astounded with the confidence that came as I asked God what He thought and acted on His responce.

The experience opened my mind. If He can speak to me about boots surely He could speak to me about more important matters. What other decisions could I include Him on, live more Spirit led and in doing so live more confidently?

Parenting, relationships, work, health, hobbies, gifts and purchases; all the details of my life.

I want to listen more, to include Him in more of my everyday and in a greater way feel Him lead me from within.

What area would you like to incude Him more in?

God’s voice is surprising sometimes, if only we ask.

In Love, Carly x

8 thoughts on “Spirit Led Boots

    1. Would love to hear more of your thoughts Dave. What is it exactly that you feel is ‘whacked theology.’ Perhaps you didn’t read the whole blog, or is it that you don’t think God is interested in speaking to us about the everyday details of our life?

  1. God totally cares about our every moment. I love that you asked Him about those boots because as a worship leader we look at your feet LOL. Seriously though it’s important to hear from Him when we spend money. Good on you.

  2. Hi, it appears the article you’ve written imposes a ‘spirit led life’ based not on any biblical scripture but on the divine personal revelation God himself gave to you. Did God really speak to you and say “Buy those boots, you will love them”? If the bible is Gods word, and Christ is the word made flesh, then it would follow that your claim of God speaking to you is equal with that of scripture. And here is the real problem.. the apostle Paul in 1 Cor 4:6 tells us not to go beyond what is written in scripture. Is not a Spirit led life from a biblical perspective the Holy Spirit in our hearts (2 Cor. 1:22) bearing witness, (Rom. 8:16), helping us pray (Rom. 8:26) and convicting us of sin (John 16:8)?

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts Dave. I’ll have to get back to you after I have a good think and search of the scripture. To be honest I have been brought up in a church culture where it is second nature that God would speak to us in our everyday so this has been my experience.

      I’ll get back to your comments when I can properly respond.

      Again thanks so much for your thought provoking comments, this is exactly my heart for this blog- to have us question and form convictions ☺️

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